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Tackle Football

2023 Registration has been extended to July 19th for Tackle!

Registration for Jenks Trojan Athletics is through Sportabase. Once on the Sportabase website, choose the club "Jenks" under Football or Cheer.  You must agree to all the terms and may need to accept pop-ups to continue.  You will be required to pay with a credit card at checkout.  Registration fee $175.   Click the Sportabase logo below to register:


Please note: the form asks for what grade you child will be in the upcoming Fall,

NOT what grade they are in currently.

Note on INFC Rule - if your son attends a school other than Jenks (even though you may live in the Jenks district) they are required to play for the football club associated with that school.  In certain cases a release may be granted (for example, if your child has been playing for JTA for a few years already).  If you fall into this category, please ask your child's school what football club he needs to register with or contact Michael Watkins, Vice President of Tackle Football, at 918-630-6311.  This rule was put into place by INFC and Jenks does not have any control over the outcome of releases.

2023 Uniform Details

In addition to registering on Sportabase, you will need to order and pay for your uniform through Gorfam.  We will continue to use the uniform that we started using in 2022 (Maroon/White reversible jerseys with Black pants).  The cost of the uniform is $140.  Uniform fittings will be done at Gorfam Athletics on week days during the months of May and June - No appointment needed.  You may not have a uniform by the start of the season if your order is not placed by the end of  June.  Gorfam Athletics is located at 5151 S. Mingo Unit A, Tulsa, OK 74146.  Please do not "guess" at your child's size.  Once your order is placed that is the size that you will receive, and they do not order many "extras" for exchange.


There are required pieces of equipment that DO NOT COME WITH THE UNIFORM, these items must be purchased separately; helmet, shoulder pads, mouth-guard, cleats, socks, and pant pads or a pad compression girdle.  You will also need practice pants and a practice jersey.

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE.  Apply at the following link:

JTA realizes that the cost of participating can be expensive and we seek to assist members who have financial limitations.  Financial assistance is available for a limited number of members who qualify.  JTA is a non-profit organization, but we want all kids to have the opportunity to participate, regardless of their financial situation.  Please feel free to contact us at for more information.  All conversations and information concerning financial assistance will be extremely confidential and only a limited number of Executive Board members will be involved in the financial assistance process.     

JTA Summer Football Camps

AT Sports logo.jpg
Allan Trimble HOF pic.jpg

We are excited to offer our annual performance camps once again this summer.  JTA would like to thank AT Sports, Courtney Trimble, the Jenks Varsity Football Coaching Staff and several varsity players for offering our young athletes multiple camp opportunities throughout the summer.  

  • June 12th – 15th (Mon-Thurs 10:00am-noon) - JTA Youth Skills Camp at JH Track 

  • June 19th - July 20th every M,T,Th 10:00am-11:30am – JTA Summer Pride (Performance Camp) at JH Track NOTE: NO Camp the week of July 1st - 9th 

  • July 19th– 21st (Wed-Fri 7:00pm-9:00pm) – JTA Padded Camp at Allan Trimble Stadium


All cost, dates, locations and sign up instructions are provided in the link below:

Upcoming Events 

  • March 1st – 2023 Registration Opens

  • Weekdays in May  – Uniform Fittings at Gorfam

  • June 12th – 15th (Mon-Thurs 10:00am-noon) - JTA Youth Skills Camp at JH Track (register at link below)

  • June 19th - July 20th every M,T,Th 10:00am-11:30am) – JTA Summer Pride (Performance Camp) at JH Track (register at link below) NO Camp the week of July 1st - 9th 

  • July 10th (Monday 6:30pm-8:30pm) – JTA Combine (K - 4th Grade) at Allan Trimble Stadium

  • July 11th (Tuesday 6:30pm-8:30pm) - JTA Combine (5th - 7th Grade) at Allan Trimble Stadium

  • July 15th (Saturday) – INFC New Coach Orientation - Bixby High School Gym 9:00am (Mighty Mite Noon)

  • July 17th (Monday 6:00pm) – JTA Coaches Clinic at Sharp Center 3rd Floor

  • July 18th (Tuesday) – INFC Pre-Draft Registration Ends and Team Decs Due

  • July 19th– 21st (Wed-Fri 7:00pm-9:00pm) – JTA Padded Camp at Allan Trimble Stadium

  • July 24th – 27th (Mon-Thurs) – INFC Team Drafts (TBD)

  • July 31st (Monday) – Practice Begins

  • August 12th (Saturday) – INFC Scrimmages (1st Weekend)

  • August 18th (Friday) – Trojan Preview

  • August 19th (Saturday) – INFC Scrimmages (2nd Weekend)

  • August 26th (Saturday) – 1st Regular Season Game

  • September 2nd – 4th (Sat-Mon) – Labor Day Dead Period

  • September 9th – 2nd Regular Season Game

  • September 16th – 3rd Regular Season Game

  • September 23rd – 4th Regular Season Game

  • September 30th – 5th Regular Season Game

  • October 7th – 6th Regular Season Game

  • October 14th – 7th Regular Season Game

  • October 21st – 8th Regular Season Game

  • October 28th – 9th Regular Season Game

  • October 30th – Playoff and PST Begin

  • October 31st – Halloween Holiday

  • November 11th – Championship Games​

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