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About JTA

Jenks Trojan Athletics (JTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing football and cheer programs to the Jenks Public School District children in 1st through 7th grades.  The JTA board is run by elected volunteers.  Executive Board Members and Grade Representatives must have children in the JTA program.

Other appointed positions may be filled by any volunteer willing to lend a hand.  JTA is a member of the Indian Nations Football Conference (INFC).  The INFC governs, coordinates, and enforces by-laws and regulations for its youth football and cheer member organizations.  JTA Football Coaches and Cheer Sponsors are required to attend a conference held by the INFC each year, where these rules and regulations are reviewed.

INFC is responsible for scheduling all 1st through 7th grade games and coordinates the playoff brackets. JTA does not coordinate the games schedules and has no control over when games schedules are released, games times, games dates, or schedule changes.

Violation of INFC rules can result in fines, forfeiture of games, suspension of Coaches and Cheer Sponsors, and even probation for the entire member organization.  JTA upholds and abides by all rules and regulations released by the INFC.

For more information about the Indian Nations Football Conference please visit their website.

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